Quantities and packaging

Single-piece and vacuum Packaging

(0.5 kg,1kg, 2.5 kg, 5kg)

Corrugated boxes
 L450, L350 of 20kg

Boxes L450 of 5kg, 2.5kg, 1kg

Corrugated box L450 of 20kgs,
Boxes of 5kgs (4 packs)

Vacuum packaging can significantly increase electrode shelf life without deteriorating of its original welding and technological properties. There are lower requirements for storage rooms and transportation and one can use electrodes directly from the warehouse without re-calcination, which provides particularly significant advantages when carrying out assembly work in difficult climatic conditions.
Such packaging protects electrode coating from uncontrolled absorption of atmospheric moisture and it is possible to eliminate such negative phenomena as decomposition of the dry residue of liquid glass, corrosion of the electrode rod, diffusible hydrogen level in the weld metal and decreasing of coating strength.  
Welding electrodes unpacked under normal conditions are suitable for use within 12 hours without re-calcination.